Tiny Monsters – Connection Issues

It looks like Tiny Monsters is experience connection issues today. If you are wondering why you can’t connect to your game then it’s because the server is quite possibly going through maintenance or upgrades.

Tiny Monsters Update

We’re not 100% sure why the game is unable to connect or possibly it’s only a limited number of players but we surely can’t connect. That being said, we’ve heard of the voices of players and yes there appears to be a connection issue today. This has made players unable to connect to their game but will surely be fixed soon.

Some of the problems you may see is that you’re not connected to the internet (when you are). Other errors may include something saying there’s a problem with your game or any other connection issues for your game. These errors are false and is presented because the server is down or you cannot connect to the server. Try logging into other games to confirm your connectivity.

If you are still experiencing issues with Tiny Monsters please let other players know below! Please keep in mind that the developers are probably making their best efforts to fix any glitches or bugs in the game so please be check back on the game soon!

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  1. April 14, 2013

    Fix tiny monster connection problem !!!!!!!!

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