Dragon City Mobile – Spicy Dragon

Spicy Dragon is a two element dragon that combines the elements of Plant and Fire to create this beast in Dragon City Mobile. This is a hybrid dragon which means that as long as you have the two elements stated you will have a chance at getting this dragon at a random rate.

Dragon City Mobile: Spicy Dragon
“Spice up your island kingdom with this temperamental fellow. The Spicy dragon is known for its excessive use of swearwords and passion for Mexican food.”

Dragon City Mobile Spicy Dragon

Level requirement: 6
Buy Price: 100 Gem
Sell Price: 100 Gold
Habitat: Flame/Nature
Breed Time: 6 Hours
Experience: 1,000 XP

How to breed Spicy Dragon

If you want to breed the Spicy Dragon then you need the elements of Plant and Fire within your breeding combination. It can be any dragons with at least these two elements for a chance to get the dragon. However, we’ll give you the most recommended combination below.

If you want to breed directly for this dragon and have a better chance then it is recommended that you use the Flame Dragon and the Nature Dragon.

The dragon can be purchased with Gold and will go directly into its egg form once you’ve purchased the dragon. Once you’ve purchased this dragon you will be able to unlock all other dragons hybrids that also carries this element in their elemental status.

Spicy Dragon earnings

 Level Revenue
Level 1  10Dragon City Gold
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6
Level 7
Level 8
Level 9
Level 10  Dragon City Gold
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