Dragon Story – Cheshire Dragon

The Cheshire Dragon is a Cheshire-type dragon that is available for breeding in the game. This dragon has its own special element which means you need to use a special combination to breed for the dragon.

Cheshire Dragon Description
“An enigmatic grin stretches widely across the faces of Cheshire Dragons, bringing confusion to caretakers near and far. Why is it their mouths contort to an expression of inexplicable glee? Are they kind-hearted dragons who are constantly at ease? Or are they nefarious ne’er-do-wells, always scheming their next villainous plot? None can say for sure.”

Dragon Story  Gamer’s  breeding guide

To breed the Cheshire Dragon, you need to use a Virtue Dragon and a Fairytale Dragon.

You can also use any Pink and Fairytale breeding dragons in the breeding den to get a chance at getting this dragon.

The breeding time is  12 hours .

Dragon Story Gamer’s Evolution Guide

All dragons in Dragon Story like this Dragon has four forms.

You can evolve the Dragon into any of its fair using “Food” by feeding your dragons and making them grow. To achieve the first form which is a teen, you normally have to level the dragon to level 4. Once you have leveled the dragon to level 4 he will evolve once again at level 6. At level 6 you are required to place the Cheshire Dragon into the “Evolution Chamber” so he can evolve with an evolution time. Once the Cheshire Dragon evolves he will become an Adult Cheshire Dragon.

The Adult Cheshire Dragon is however not the last stage in its evolution. You can evolve the Cheshire Dragon and any other dragons once more into their epic and final form which is at level 9 to 10. Once you leveled them up to level 9 and beyond the Cheshire Dragon will once again need to use the evolution chamber to evolve into their epic form level 10.

Cheshire Dragon Gamer Chart

Level Coins Food Level Coins Food
Level 1  319  25 Level 6  771  1250
Level 2  379  50 Level 7  1,001  3000
Level 3  433  125 Level 8  1,097  7000
Level 4  612  300 Level 9  1,177  12500
Level 5  698  750 Level 10  1,435 Max

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