DragonVale – Double Rainbow Dragon

The Double Rainbow dragon in DragonVale is the Rainbow Dragon released for June 4 2013.

As you further look at the details within the baby Double Rainbow dragon you will notice that it is holding a Double Rainbow gem all over its body. Perhaps one of the most noticeable things about the Double Rainbow dragon in DragonVale is that its eyes do not change that much. It’s still brown and definitely gives you an feeling about being calm.

“Nestled somewhere between the Shimmering Isles and the edge of the Skyie Meadows lives an ultra rare breed, the Double Rainbow dragon. O’Hara the Stout, a brewer of magical potions, and Wizard Brezhoneg were inspired by a Double Rainbow dragon’s golden knotted horns and worked some magic to allow these dragons to come and live at the end of the rainbow habitat. Unfortunately, that magic will unravel soon and the Double Rainbow dragon will be gone..” Double Rainbow Dragon Game Description

 DragonVale - Rainbow Element

DV Double Rainbow Dragon

Level requirement: 11
Incubation Time:
60 Hours
Buying Price: 3125Gem
Selling Price:
3,125,000 Cash
Experience:  125000

Double Rainbow Dragon breeding guide:

  • You need to use any combination with four elements to get this dragon into your game.

Breed these two dragons together in the epic breeding island for maximum effect to get the Double Rainbow dragon in DragonVale!

Other myths in this game is selecting dragons on different sides and increasing the dragon level of your dragons to the maximum.

Double Rainbow Dragon earnings

Level 1  75
Level 2  120
Level 3  167
Level 4  214
Level 5  261
Level 6  300
Level 7  353
Level 8  400
Level 9  462
Level 10  500

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