DragonVale: Pearl Dragon

The Pearl Dragon in DragonVale is a gemstone dragon that was released in June for June born birthstone players. It is one of the purest gemstone in the world for its fine white pearl colors.

” Pearl dragons are known for being some of the most playful and friendly dragons in all the land. If you ever see them in the wild, the chances are high that they will be racing other gemstone dragons near the sea surrounding the Shimmering Isles. This year the pearl dragon was able to beat the alexandrite dragon and our wizards cast an amazing spell to allow you to breed them. You may also notice that these exceptionally rare dragons are imbued with a special magic that prevents them from breeding with other dragons. ” Pearl Dragon Game Description

 DragonVale Pearl Dragon Baby

Level requirement: 14
Habitat:  Gemstone Habitat
Incubation Time: 30 Hours
Buying Price: 1475 Gem
Selling Price: 1,500,000 Cash
Experience: 100000 

Pearl Dragon breeding guide:

You can breed the Pearl Dragon using a Seaweed Dragon and a Snow Dragon.

Keep in mind this is a gemstone dragon which means that it may take multiple tries to get the pearl dragon breeding in your DragonVale game.

Pearl Dragon earnings

Level 1 2Gem/Month
Level 10 1Gem/Week

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  1. June 01, 2012

    Current and cold, supposedly.

  2. Mikey-4
    June 01, 2012

    I try seaweed and crystal got 1/2 h( cactus) then try again seaweed and crystal got 24 hrs ( crystal) my guess.
    Gc Mikey-4

    My friend try iceberg and crystal got 48 hr
    Other friend try iceberg and crystal got 8 hrs.

    So far for now. Pls let us know the combo .

    • AJ
      June 03, 2012

      The combo is seaweed and crystal. I tried it and got it first try. Dont stop trying.

    • AJ
      June 03, 2012

      nof crystal. Sorry. :p

  3. Kirst.
    June 01, 2012

    Add me!
    I accept EVERYBODY!
    I also have a gem tree and I do give out gems daily(:


    • fhkdjf
      June 03, 2012

      snow seaweed got it on my 1st try

  4. Haha
    June 01, 2012

    Snow dragon and seaweed


  5. June 02, 2012

    Cold and Seaweed, got it on second try.

  6. FireFlake
    June 02, 2012

    Does cold go on the left? Or does seaweed?

    • fhkdjf
      June 03, 2012

      snow on left and seaweed on right

      • FireFlake
        June 05, 2012

        Thx :D

    • Sunny Zhou
      June 08, 2012

      Dude check out the Dragonvale myths. It doesnt even matter which side its on. Just an F Y I.

  7. Abagove
    June 08, 2012

    I got it by using snow+seaweed! It took me 3 days to get it! Breeding it was really hard work.

  8. Jane Thomas
    June 08, 2012

    Snow and Seaweed. Add me AlexQ2011 :)

  9. FireFlake
    June 11, 2012

    Please help! I’ve done snow (on the left) and seaweed (on the right)! They are both level 10 Please help! Am I doing it right?

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