Fish with Attitude: Rare Galaxy Fish

The Rare Galaxy Fish in Little aquarium is an ultra rare fish that was released on June 9th 2012. It is an amazing fish that represents the stars in the galaxy with its ultra unique design and look. Fish breeders around the world will be surprised when they see one of these Rare Galaxy Fish hatching in their tank and be really happy once its swimming.

The Rare Galaxy Fish is an ultra rare fish so it is difficult to breed and not many breeders have reported success at gaining this Rare Galaxy Fish. If you have then let others know of your success!

“Breathtaking – never has there been a more majestic fish! But how can our tanks contain such a creature of space and stars? Only our phishicists may know for sure….” - Description

Fish with Attitude Galactical Trait


Fish with Attitude Rare Galaxy Fish Baby

Release Version: 2.2.21

Trait: Galactic
Level Requirement: -

Fish with Attitude: Rare Galaxy Fish Breeding guide

The Rare Galaxy Fish can only be bred from using two Ecstatic Fishes. That means that the parents of the breeding fish must be in Ecstatic state.

To get them to be Ecstatic, you must complete all of its likes and get your decorations 100% and ensure that their dislike fish is not in the tank. Once your fishes are Ecstatic, breed them together for a chance to get the rare version of the fish.

If you want to breed the RareFish then the recommended combination for breeding the Rare Fish is Ruby Fish and Diamond Fish.

Fish with Attitude: Rare Galaxy Fish Evolution Guide

The Fish with Attitude: Rare Devil Fish will evolve once when you feed it for the first time after you have bred or purchased him. Each fish has their own set of evolution time so not every one is the same. When you have completed their “Growing” process they will evolve into their Adult Form.

Fish with Attitude: Rare Galaxy Fish Earnings

The earnings for a fish in Fish with Attitude can be increased through what is called “Train”‘ing them. Once you train them they will increase their earnings per minute. The maximum number of train you can do for a fish is 3 train sessions and each one requires an increased cost.

Training Earnings Cost
Level 1 8/Minute
Level 2
Level 3

Fish with Attitude: Rare Galaxy Fish Evolution, Forms, Pictures, Eggs Chart

Baby Adult
 Fish with Attitude Rare Galaxy Fish Baby  Fish with Attitude Rare Galaxy Fish Adult
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