Mermaid World – Seafoam Mermaid

The Seafoam Mermaid in Mermaid World is a mermaid that can be obtained in the game. It is one of the main mermaids in the game that unlocks other mermaids when used to sing and call for other hybrid mermaids. You can find the tested combination below for getting this mermaid.

Game Description: 
Suds bubbles are her mainstay accessories, floating with her always. Instead of reflecting surroundings they mirror her inner most thoughts.

Mermaid World GreenMermaid World White

Mermaid World Seafoam Mermaid

Trait Color:
Buying Price:
103Mermaid World Pearls
Selling Price:
175Mermaid World Coins
Call Time:
3 Hours
Wait Time:
3 Hours
Earning  Rate:
3 Coins/Minute

How to Call for the  Seafoam Mermaid
If you want to call for the Seafoam Mermaid, you need to use two mermaids that add up to the colors in the notes within your calling process.

The Call time is 3 Hours and the wait time is 3 Hours.

We recommend you use the Opal Mermaid and the Kelp Mermaid in the summit to try and get the Seafoam Mermaid.

Seafoam Mermaids Earning Rate
Earnings is the only way to gain coins in the game (aside from selling your mermaids). The earnings for each mermaid are different but does not change because there is no evolution.

You will know when your mermaids give you earnings when they throw coins into your chest. You can upgrade your chest for your realm to earn more coins in your game.

Favorite Trinkets
Trinkets are randomized between mermaids and will vary depending on the mermaid. Limited Time mermaids will have specific Trinkets that are added when the mermaid is released.

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