My Singing Monsters – Schmoochle

The Schmoochle Monster in My Singing Monster is a limited edition monster made available for Valentine’s Only. You must use a specific combination to breed for this monster in your game.

Note: Schmoochle can only be bred or purchased until February 15th. Any Schmoochles on your Air island at that point will stay unless you sell them.

No one can agree on how the two-headed schmoochle came to be. Some say that it began as two individual monsters who fell so deely in love with each other that they forfeited their own bodies and decided to live together in just one. Others insist that they are just born that way, arriving in a puff of brightly-colored feathers. In any case, a schmoochle is always a welcome addition to the air island chorus



“Monster scholars called Epic Form Burnbarks the ‘Hearts of the Jungle’. With their massive strength, and mystical connection to nature, they are able to sense trouble anywhere within their wooded domains. Where plants or animals are being threatened intruders must answer to a Burnbark.” 
Epic Burnbark Monster 


My Singing Monsters - Schmoochle Monster

Release Date: Feb 5th  2013

Rarity: Rare

Hatching Time:  32 Hours
Buy Price: 150 Diamond
Selling Price:  16,000 Gold

My Singing Monsters: Schmoochle breeding guide

The Schmoochle Monster in My Singing Monster can be bred using an Riff Monster and a Tweedle Monster in your breeding structure.

My Singing Monsters: Schmoochle Earnings 

The level of monsters in My Singing Monsters go on to a pretty high level with their food increasing at a 2x rate.

Level Earnings Max
Earnings Max
Level 1 Level 6
Level 2 Level 7
Level 3 Level 8
Level 4 Level 9
Level 5 Level 10

Food Requirements

Level Food Req. Level Food Req.
Level 1 Level 6  320
Level 2 Level 7  640
Level 3 Level 8 1280
Level 4   80 Level 9  2560
Level 5  160 Level 10   5120
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